We all send and receive messages myriad times each day, some more consciously than others.

Carefully-crafted messages can help us confidently make decisions and get through our day. But badly-crafted messages can hamper our progress; and as senders of messages, we may may end up having unintended effects on the people we’re trying to reach.

As a communications professional, plain language specialist and over-40 mom to two young kids, I notice how the messages around me affect me and my family.

And, I spend a lot of time thinking about how it would be if we always communicated clearly and considered what we say with greater care. Wouldn’t the world be a more smoothly-running place?

What will you find here?

Along with reflecting on what I see in the news, pop culture and everyday life, I hope to offer suggestions for solving communication problems or ‘cutting the churn.’ I’ll also share info about others who are trying to improve the quality and usefulness of information, through their work in the areas of:

  • Plain language
  • Clear visual design
  • Education
  • Literacy and accessibility
  • Anything else that helps ‘cut the churn.’

Who’s behind SimplyRead?

I believe that clear information is an important way to help people make sense of their world – and that this helps them make better decisions which can improve their lives.

As president of SimplyRead Communications Group, I develop clear information for diverse audiences from basic-level to specialized, sophisticated readers.

Michelle Black, M.Ed.


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