If you’ve been cruising my blog for awhile, you’ll know that I’m a fan of efforts to increase financial literacy.

Fortunately, I have also had the chance to help financial services clients make their information clearer – which is my way of supporting this effort.

And – by hook or by crook (“I’m a words person, not a numbers person!”) – I’m becoming a more informed financial consumer myself.

With the world’s current economic situation in tatters and all of the protests taking place around the way worldwide wealth is distributed, the time is ripe for us to better understand questions such as what factors affect who earns the most and how do the world’s economies depend on each other?

Closer to home, the news media continue to report rising numbers of Canadians who feel unprepared for their retirement; heck, many of us worry that we won’t have enough to pay our next stream of bills if something unexpected happens to our health or job (here’s an example from the Globe and Mail).

So what’s my point?

Along with meeting, analyzing and protesting, lots of people and organizations are choosing to educate. Hence, join me in welcoming Financial Literacy Month!

And to get you into the spirit, here are a few good resources for those of you wanting to know more: