In my second-to-previous post, I noted that further posts were coming on financial literacy…

…then (John Lennon was right!) life happened again while I was busy making other plans. So my next little while is taking me down a few other roads. Fortunately, a few of ’em have been bright, vibrant summer highways as we begin to fully embrace the sun here in Southern Ontario.

So while I goof off a bit longer, those of you who’ve only read recent posts might enjoy this yarn from a couple summers back:

How a Liquor Commission became a Lion’s Club, and other missteps on a long, Nova Scotia road

It tells the story of my family’s summer Maritime road trip gone wrong – all because we misinterpreted key regional language in the directions.

Now as I said, it’s a yarn. So give yourself a few minutes. Maybe get a glass of iced tea first.      =:->