If I ever manage to blog more than a few times a month, I figure I have to see how it’s really done by reading what other quite successful bloggers have put out.

Two blogs have stood out and become regular visits – probably because they also help me improve in two quite important arenas of life: stretching our dollars, and surviving gracefully as a parent.


The first is Squawkfox, a very engaging read about ways to keep the ends meeting, even if we face tougher times (and heck, those with lots of extra – does anyone actually still *know* many people like that?! – will stand a better chance of keeping what they have if they live by this advice.)

Deemed as the place ‘ Where frugal living is sexy, delicious and fun!,’ this blog lives up to its name. And because she’s writing as a consumer living in Canada (Kerry K Taylor lives in Vernon, B.C.), she is writing from a similar consumer experience to mine – making the advice terribly relevant. Plus, she lives up to the phrugal philosophy by giving away several resources for free. In other words – financial literacy in action.

I have a penchant for re-using things, finding really good deals on stuff I need – and a serious hate-on for feeling like corporations are getting the better of me. So I just love reading what the Squawkfox has to say. And of course, she makes no bones about saying what’s on her mind. A woman after my own heart, but who wants to help me put more money in my wallet.

The Happiest Mom

One thing you can very often say of blogs about parenting is that they are very honest, often to the point of being in-your-face.  This to me has several merits to me. Chief among them is that many other parents who struggle with the job – but who don’t naturally express ourselves this way in writing – will find solace that others face much of the same angst about it that they do. Entire new communities and friendships are being built among moms who blog about their experiences.

So from a clarity perspective, there’s no issue. And there is a Mom Blog out there to suit every personality. But so far, I’m digging this one the most.

The Happiest Mom is actually Meagan Francis, mom herself to five kids, blogger and columnist in parenting magazines and several websites. What I like so much about her blog is not what you might expect, given its title: she doesn’t try to sugarcoat the parenting experience and portray herself as the accomplished Uber-Mom (many of us know a few of those already). In fact, quite the opposite. From the About page:

I haven’t always been a happy mom. In fact, there was a time that I was downright miserable. But through the years, I came to learn some secrets, tips and tricks that have helped me tip the scales back toward the happy side.

The other cool thing? She cuts through the shrouds of guilt and self-deprivation that tend to characterize motherhood, instead encouraging the key message that it’s taking care of ourselves that helps us to feel more balanced as parents. But not in a self-centred way. Again, she says it best:

By taking care of our health and well-being, defining our values so we can focus on the things that matter to us (and forget the rest,) nurturing our homes and relationships, and setting reasonable standards for ourselves and everyone around us, moms really can learn to enjoy life…even when it’s chaotic, loud and messy.

Amen to that, sister.