I heard this morning on Newstalk 1010 that at least four major Canadian papers have published on their cover pages graphic photos from the Russell Williams case.

As a clear writing specialist, I usually support openness in communications, including on the news media. But I’m surely not the only person who thinks we don’t need to see what kind of twisted taste in underwear some unfortunate military leader has.

I don’t care if it echoes that kind of in-yo’-face journalistic style that the kids are finding ‘just so random and sick’ nowadays. There are just some things we should not have to see, unless we actively seek them out. Our children do not need to stumble upon that kind of depravity on their way home from school. There’s enough we have to explain to them already, about the ways people and the world can go horribly wrong.

And there are already lots of places for the more curious among us to go, if we really are compelled to see the photographic proof. We’re on one of them right now.