Looking at my last post, I am again encouraged by the ongoing effort of large organizations to make their processes simpler and more customer-friendly.  There’s growing mainstream acceptance of concepts such as plain language, usability and process engineering.

When I think back to when I first read Writing On Our Side and learned about the movement to translate Corporate English into plain English — wow, clear communication has come a long way, baby.

And yet, even with a general commitment to keeping information simple and customers happy, so many organizations still exist who fall down when it comes to how many processes play out in real life.

If you’ve dropped in before, you might know that I recently had a second child. And if you know me personally, you’ll also know that I get very frustrated with processes and policies that don’t seem to have much use except to make my life more difficult and complicated (in fact, I think this attitude might have lost me a couple jobs).

As someone who’s currently home with an infant and a six-year-old, while running both a business and a household, you can imagine how many processes I am subject to as I manage my life: with banks, clients, school and daycare, the stores and services I patronize, the list goes on. And given the young child factor, these processes are that much more protracted because I’m so often forced to put something down midstream in order to attend to the needs of the young’uns.

So I’m becoming damn tired of silly errors or oversights made by companies, which end up costing me effort and sometimes also dollars — I have precious little spare time as it is, so don’t need to have any more of it wasted.

Last year, I chronicled an abysmal experience with a traffic fine payment as one example of processes gone awry. Now I’m thinking it might be time for more rants like that one. I’m thinking it would also be a rather therapeutic experiment: the ability to vent while also exploring how various business processes can go wrong due to unclear communication. Watch for the first in the series soon. (I’m sure it won’t be long before something falling into this category happens yet again.)

As customers, employees or patients, for example, we have all been subject to policies and processes that have seemed backward and often also caused us a great deal of stress and wasted time and/or money.

Do you have any you’d like to vent about? Leave your comment…