Viewing some recent posts, I’ve become painfully aware that the Blockquote feature of this blog theme produces very hard-to-read text: light-grey, in serif font,

like this – see, isn’t it hard to read?

So I’m having one of those ‘Physician, heal thyself’ moments, and sending apologies for anyone who’s had to squint at some of my posts (assuming any of you have stuck around after that!).

It may take some time, but I am on the quest for the right HTML code to correct these formatting glitches; and, I’d like to darken up and change the type in my headline on the title page for the same reason. If not, I might have to forgo this design – however otherwise clean and easy-to-use I find it to be – and maybe even purchase or create one.

Suggestions for how to fix things are welcome, so if you’re here, please don’t hold back!