So much personquestionhas been said about the H1N1 virus and Canada’s experience with rolling out the vaccinations over the past couple weeks.

Much of the information out there has used clear, accessible words to express itself (bravo!); but the frequency with which the information is changing makes it challenging to stay on top of what’s true – and to avoid superstition about how credible it all is.

So, in the interest of making decisions based on clear, lucidly expressed information, I’ll share two pieces that I feel do the best job of ‘cutting the churn’ around this topic:

1. The Globe and Mail, Published on their Web version October 23, 2009: Our experts answered your swine flu questions, an account of the online Q&A session with Dr. Michael Gardam, director of infectious diseases prevention and control at the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion.

2. Some H1N1 Math, the October 30 edition of health info and promotion specialist Robyn Kalda’s blog, More Coffee Please.

When two healthy children die in one week, it’s easy to fall victim to wild stretches in logic in the face of an illness that seems so random in who it hits. But let’s all try to stay calm and make sound decisions, based on a critical assessment of the information we’re met with.