I often look to the ‘discard’ shelf of my local drugstore to find serious price reductions on everyday products. This allows me to enjoy some of the luxury products I’d normally eschew.

The other week I got a tube of hair product on sale for $1.00, which would normally have cost me almost ten. At first I wondered if the product would be defective – it was a well-known brand, and the packaging was undamaged, so why the knockdown?

Turns out, the only thing wrong with it was that the printers had somehow let the following error go. oopsEvidently the product comes “Whith active fruit concentrates.”

I wonder how this error was caught after the fact? And how much in losses did the company have to swallow to replace those tubes with the correct versions? Was the proofer fired? Or is this a counterfeit product whose incorrect spelling reveals it to be so?

Either way, I’m not too concerned. My hair looks maahhh-vellous šŸ™‚